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Hip & Joint Supplement Tips

Before you start your dog on TerraMax Pro's Hip & Joint Supplement, here's a few quick tips... 

The easiest way to administer the supplement is to simply add it to your dogs food. Most dogs really enjoy the taste of our supplement, so you shouldn't have any problems getting them to take it this way. It's also the easiest way to make sure they get the full dose.

Of course, if you prefer, there are other ways to administer the supplement. You could, for example, add it to your dogs water, give it straight off a spoon, squirt it directly into their mouth with a syringe (without the needle of course), mix it with a little beef broth, or any other way you can think of.

There really is no wrong way of giving it. We do, however, recommend you administer the supplement during or after your dog has eaten to reduce any chance of an upset stomach.

We highly recommend starting your dog on an initial "loading phase". This is especially helpful for dogs already showing signs of hip or joint problems. During the "loading phase" simply double the amounts on the label for the first 4 weeks. This helps to build up the natural levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM in your dogs body for faster and better results.

Since it does take some time for the supplement to restore these levels, it could take several weeks before you see any results. Most dog owners report seeing results after about 4-6 weeks. Be sure to feed it consistently for at least 30 days before you decide on its effectiveness.

Some dogs do start showing results sooner, but every dogs needs are different...

Remember, consistency is key! Give the supplement every day and don't assume it's not working because you don't see results within the first week!

After you start seeing noticeable results from the loading phase (4-6 weeks), you can bring it down to the maintenance levels (as indicated on the label) if you choose. The maintenance level can also be used long term on healthy dogs to help support their joints and overall health.

If needed, a dog on the maintenance level can be put back on a loading phase. This could be especially helpful during times when they're more active (on weekends, for example) to provide extra support for their joints.

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